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Hi I'm Dr. Beth Cook!  I am a wife, mom, chiropractor, Wellness Way practitioner and entrepreneur. My goals is to empower you with knowledge so that you can make small or drastic changes to your health, so that you can regain your health, hormones and happiness!

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Dr. Cook practices in Houston, TX where she utilizes chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, testing and supplementation to aide her patients in their healing. Dr. Cook sees patents in office as well as remotely.

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Empower Yourself!

Today there is so much chronic disease, its overwhelming. Cancer will affect one in three, thyroid disease affects 20 million Americans, one in ten adults have diabetes, and autoimmune disease affects over 23 million Americans.  And the worst part is that these numbers will continue to rise.  Your doctor is not teaching you about your disease, except for which medication to take.  Your doctor is not teaching you about how and why you have this condition and the steps you need to take to reverse it.  If fact they are probably telling you the opposite of that, that you can not reverse your disease and you must stay on the medication for the rest of your life.  I work with patients everyday who are reversing their disease process.  It's a matter of testing you properly, learning what you have been doing wrong, and making some changes so that you can live a long healthy life.



Hormone related conditions affect almost 90% of the population, if you can believe it.  Hormones dictate how we feel, our mood, the quality of our skin, our ability to build bone, our memory, our sex drive, our metabolism, our energy level, and even fight stress and anxiety.  They are involved in almost every aspect of our lives and patients very often come to me with these complaints.  They might have other underlying conditions but these are the complaints that are motivating them and maybe you, to change. I have good news, hormones can be balanced and changed when we make some changes to how we are living, eating, exercising and thinking.  I don't have a magic pill to offer you, or a magic supplement even, that doesn't work.  You need a comprehensive change, address multiple factors.

This space is for me to arm you with knowledge.  To help you understand how your body works and what tools you need to get it working better.  Let me teach you how to regain your health.  And for those of you who are lost and need help, let me stand beside you and show you the way. Whether you are here to simply learn more about health and hormones or you are here because you are desperate for someone to finally listen to you and help you change your trajectory, my goal is to change the way you think about your health and throw out all the crap medicine has taught you thus far.

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