Taking care of your spine and nervous system should be part of any holistic lifestyle.  Your nervous system is your master system, it controls every part of your body and without it we could not function.  You don't have to be in pain to see a chiropractor.  Click below to find learn more about chiropractic or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cook.

The Wellness Way

For those of you who are struggling and are tired of getting no answers from your doctor, or are facing a crossroads with your health, then the first step is to get tested.  At the Wellness Way, we don't guess, we test.  In order for me to know how to help you, I have to get to know you and your history and then see what is going on inside.  Click below to schedule your Wellness Way consult today.

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essentials Oils are an essential (no pun intended) part of maintaining my health and reducing my toxic load.  They have the best quality, pure essential oils and non toxic products - including: hair care, skin care, make up, household cleaners, supplements and more.  Click below to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils and to get started with your oily journey!


Balancing your hormones and restoring your bodies natural function starts with testing.  Testing can vary from patient to patient and are likely tests your doctor has not sent you for.  Examples of testing that Dr. Cook often sends for are Food Allergy testing, comprehensive hormone testing, stool testing, saliva testing for sex and stress hormones, and comprehensive blood testing.  Click below to find out more about testing and getting your health back on track.

Quick Core Nutrition - with Infuse Exercise

I have teamed up with Infuse Exercise to develop a four month nutrition program that teaches you the basics of good nutrition.  Our mission is to provide clients with a solid foundation of nutrition so they can make the right choices for their health.  Forget about fad diets and calorie counting, if you want to regain your health you have to learn more about food and what it is doing for your body.  Click below to learn more about our Quick Core Nutrition Program.